Mounted Units & Inserts

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Heavy-duty mounted units designed specifically to accommodate the rigors of applications within construction, mining, and other large-scale equipment applications. NTN’s two-part bearing housings, such as those found in the SAF series, offer a heavy-duty solution that simplifies mounting of maintenance of the units. Combined with precision-made, self-aligning roller bearings, these units offer significant benefits in terms of service life and running behavior. With a variety of sealing systems available, the two-part bearing-housing set-up provides a versatile, modular approach to mounted-unit design, offering technically and economically viable solutions for almost any application.

Where sealing is paramount in heavy-duty applications, NTN also offers a sealed-unit approach that provides even more protection than that found with the two-part series. Series such as the SPW and SFCW product lines feature a sealed spherical bearing that offers corrosion protection in these environments. The single-piece housing offers solid composition, which ensures excellent mechanical integrity and shock stability.

AMI UCTBL206B Mounted Units & Inserts

8.5 mm 36.51 mm
23.5 mm 25.7 kN

AMI UCTBL206-20B Mounted Units & Inserts

FC212- 100 °C
195 mm 63.8 mm

AMI UCTBL207-20B Mounted Units & Inserts

Grade 0 Metric System
Ball Standard

AMI UCTBL206-19B Mounted Units & Inserts

11 mm 9.55 kN
42.9 mm 15.88 mm

AMI UCFB205-14TC Mounted Units & Inserts

40100 No
Cast Iron 57200

AMI UEFL205-14NP Mounted Units & Inserts

5.93 C3-Loose
0.0 Deep Groove

AMI UCTBL206-18B Mounted Units & Inserts

140 mm 22 Nm
30.5 mm 60 mm

AMI UK209+H309 Mounted Units & Inserts

304 Stainless Steel Deep Groove Ball Bea
Double [Steel] Steel

AMI UEFL204NP Mounted Units & Inserts

Standard Grease No
Insert Bearing Unit Triple seals

AMI UCFB204TC Mounted Units & Inserts

52.5 kN UC212-38G2L3
3.73 kg 45 mm

AMI UCFB203TC Mounted Units & Inserts

42 Bearings with Housin
Single 8 Days

AMI UCFB204-12TC Mounted Units & Inserts

Black Oxide Coating 7 Days
Deep Groove Ball Bea 1045 Carbon Steel